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Gabon, a member country of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), has a market of over 45 million consumers with Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic and Sao Tome.

Committed to strengthening the legal security of business, the country is a member of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) and has signed numerous international agreements, notably with the WTO and the World Bank. At the national level, Gabon has an Investment Charter and sector codes that grant numerous tax and customs advantages to investors.

The country has thus put in place an institutional framework aligned with global best practices allowing effective coordination of investor support and applies a fiscal policy encouraging exports and investments in priority sectors.

Tax and customs regime

Value added tax: 18%. Other taxes may apply (e.g. 10% or 5%) depending on the nature of the product
Exports: they benefit from a 0% tax rate
Corporate income tax: 30
Tax exemption (Mining, Agriculture, Wood):

    • Exemption from the flat minimum tax (MFI) for two years in the event of loss
    • 100% income tax exemption for the first year of profit
    • Tax exemption of 50% of income tax for the second year of profit
    • Accelerated depreciation corresponding to the straight-line depreciation of capital goods for two years

Customs exemptions: There are many exceptions in specific sectors such as mining, oil, cement, agriculture, tourism, forestry, and special economic zones. Other tax incentives: These cover agricultural cooperatives, rural development, social housing and other specific sectors such as tourism and mining.

Facilities to do business in Gabon (rank occupied)

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Source: Doing Business 2018- Word Economic Forum 2017